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What Does REIT Mean? 
A REIT stands for Real Estate Investment Trusts. 

What Is A REIT? 
A REIT is a company which buys, develops, owns, and usually operates income producing real estate, and ultimately sells real estate assets. Income property can include: apartments, shopping centers, office buildings, warehouses. Some REITs also are engaged in financing real estate. Most importantly, to be a REIT a company is legally required to pay virtually all of its taxable income (90 percent) to its shareholders every year.  As an investment, REITs combine the best features of real estate and stocks. They give investors an effective means to include professionally-managed real estate in a diversified investment portfolio.

How Many REITs Are There?
There are over 300 REIT companies operating in the United States today. Their assets total over $300 billion. About two-thirds of these real estate investment trusts trade on the national stock exchanges.

In addition, there are numerous REITs that are not traded on a stock exchange. This web site includes a comprehensive list of the major REITs

You can also learn more from our web page "What is a Real Estate Investment Trust?" or by reading FAQ's on REITs.


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